SNOW STORIES… Part 4 (last)

Sunny side and a heritage ride.

This was our last day of our trip in the mountains. Checked out and kept our luggage at the reception area. The weather was sunny and bright. Took the Postbus 2 and got off at Punt Muragl station af15-20 mins. Took the funicular railway to reach Muottos Muragil view point (No discount for Swiss Pass here too) .

A board at the funicular station said that it has seen a century and six year transporting people to the top and back. Once at the top we walked up to the sprawling terrace giving access to the Romantic Hotel, a restaurant and of course the snow. A row of tiny, colourful huts placed strategically facing the sun welcomed us and others to soak themselves in bright sunshine and enjoy the surrounding peaks and the valleys.

We walked further up about 100-150 meteres to get to the monument named “The drop” – a unique work of art, made of natural stone and mortar and coated in white  created by artist/sculptor Timo Lindner to mark the centenary of  the Muottas Muragl funicular railway . A tiny formation board at the spot said the The Drop, symbolises water in all its various forms, from rain to ice to snow. We watched a para-glider (probably a beginner) attempting to paraglide and failing at least three times as his legs got sunk into the deep snow when he attempted to fly.

Enjoyed some freshly backed croissants and hot coffee at the terrace tables and came back to Silvaplana , collected our luggage and boarded the 2.57 pm train to Zurich, changing train this time at Landquart. Arrived Zurich around 6 pm and check in to Aparthotel Scroll Rigiblick sitting on a small hill giving a birds eye view of Zurich. (Posted my review separately)


The Journey to magical Narnia land!

Day 4

Another clear and sunny day. And this was one of the highlights of our short vacation in the snow country!

Took the Postbus 2 to Pontresina town, got off at the train station and walked 100 metres to the left to the parking lot where few horse-drawn carriages were waiting for passengers to take them to the…….Narnia land!


It may not be exactly as the horse-drawn sleigh rides we read in fairy-tale books yet it is close to them. The horses are huge, strong and furry – best fit for the harsh winter. The coachman was also equally rugged having seen several winters. The owner has generously thrown in a number of furs and blankets to wrap around protecting us from the wind and the cold as we started driving deep into the Alpine woods for about 8 kilometres to the lonely jungle lodge Roseg Gletscher. A well trained dog ran ahead egging and provoking the horses. I was lucky to get the seat right next to the coachman! The next one hour was an exhilarating, awe-inspiring journey through deep snow, gazing over the horses’ backs while the the snow-clad Alpine tree branches almost rubbing our shoulders. We passed by ice-blue frozen little rivulets, classic tiny bridges, the nearby glaciers and snow-capped peaks of the impressive Bernina massif glistening in divine blue and white, and drifting snow flakes from occasional wind – the journey was an incredible experience straight out of Narnia!

When we reached the Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher sitting in the heart of the picturesque Roseg Valley, we were overwhelmed by the impressive panorama of the imposing peaks all around. We just relaxed soaking up the beauty of nature and peace around and the frozen Roseg creek by the hotel. The quietness and remoteness of the place makes you forget the hustle and bustle of your daily life immediately and actually you can feel your soul!

Off we went into the restaurant to warm up ourselves from the hour-long cold journey. The restaurant was quite busy and there was a nice buffet spread. We settled for Asparagus soup and pasta. The dessert buffet was totally irresistible with a variety of cakes and tarts. There was also a good choice of wines but on a general survey I could see the prices were almost double of what you get in town but who cares when you have such dramatic setting to enjoy the drink!

Another hour of ride back to town and we stopped by the wine store Valentin Vinothek next to the horse station – well stacked with a wide variety and bought one recommended by the salesman who seemed to a wine expert.


The beautiful Alpine devil and a quaint little Italian lady.

Day 3

Started at 9 am. Took Post bus 2 across our apartment and after around 35 minutes, got down at Bernina Diavolezza station. Took the gondola (Cable car) to Diavolezza Mountain from the base station. (No discount here for Swisspass!) Seems to be one of the longest in the Engadine region’s cable rides with some really stunning views as the gondola went up and up over valleys and deep gorges! The temperature was also getting colder as we went up and when we reached the summit at 3000 metres, it read -14C!

We were lucky today as the weather was clear and when we got down the Gondola and went to the panorama terrace…what a spectacular view of the dazzling glaciers and the peaks! No doubt the place is named rightly so- beautiful Devil (Diavolzza)!

This spot seems to be a popular choice among skiers and there were quite a number of skiers along with us, who quickly got into their gears and started skiing. Enjoyed views walking down the foot-deep snow and watched the skiers (looked like tiny colourful ants) skiing down almost 90-degree vertical slopes! Had some hot soup and snacks at the terrace restaurant (justifiably expensive!) and came back to Diavolezza station to continue our onward journey to Tirano.

A very scenic train ride descending from 1800 mtrs to 440 mtrs as the train drops down from high mountain terrain travelling over curved viaducts, winding tunnels, wild gorges, icy glaciers, beautiful valleys and Alpine meadows. During the 1.5 hours journey, the train stopped at several tiny picture-postcard stations; two spots come to my mind- Alp Grum, where you can watch the train taking a 1800 turn. Another place is after Poschiavo town where it takes almost 2700 bend over a bridge!

There is a visible difference as you move from the Swiss side to the Italian side. You can notice how the homes look different, how the streets and the shops all look different.


We knew in advance that the Palazzo Salis is closed during winter and so we walked through the historic part of Tirano towards Santuario Madonna. Located at the crossroads of busy streets, this church has lots of beautiful carvings in the ceilings and walls and a very big intricately carved wooden pipe organ. In fact trains to and from St.Moritz actually cross near the Church! Spent some time in the church and walked back to the station through the tree-lined avenue and took the 5 pm train back to St. Moritz. Half way through our return journey, it started snowing quite heavily and continued through the night.


The long journey to the snow..

Whiteout and snowflakes…

Whether you landed here from Trip Advisor or directly, I am pleased to share our experiences at the Engadine Alps, where we spent some fabulous five days (four nights).

Day 1

The long journey to the snow..

Arrived Zurich Airport at 12.45 pm, baggage collection and exit was fast. Went straight to Swiss Pass counter (little further away round the corner from the SBB ticket counters). Though I had a tentative itinerary, the lady at the counter was kind enough to provide us more details, fares, connections, etc. Bought an 8-day Swiss Pass @CHF 363 each, had a light lunch from a nearby café, took the lift down to the train station and off we went to Zurich Main station. Boarded the waiting train bound for Chur. After ca 1.5 hours we reached Chur and changed to Rhaetian Railways, a small gauge train, for a beautiful 2 hours ride to St. Moritz. The journey not only gave us much needed relaxation but also refreshed us with the stunning scenery as the train passed through several bridges and tunnels including the famous Albula tunnel.

Took the Postbus No.1 waiting outside St.Moritz train station and got off at Silvaplana Post bus stop; our apartment Chesa Munteratsch was just across the road. (My review of the apartment posted separately.) It was already 6.30 pm and dark. Dropped our luggage and went quickly to Volg supermarket, 100 metres away, and bought milk, bread, butter etc. The chillness was getting into our bones and so walked back to our apartment and retired early. End of day 1

Day 2

Whiteout and snowflakes…

Enjoyed the panoramic view of the lake (which was frozen) from the balcony of our apartment over cup of coffee. The weather looked bright though not sunny. Visited the local Gothic church beside the lake and then took the free local bus to the cable station in Surlej to go to the Corvatsch mountain. Got 50% off on the cable car ticket as we had Swiss Pass and then took the cable ride to Murtèl. Spent some time at this mid-point and changed to another cable car to reach Corvatsch top station. It was a beautiful ride but the weather was around minus 8 degrees C at the top! Unfortunately by the time we reached Corvatsch peak, the cloud started gathering over the top and soon it was all whiteout; we could see nothing except the blinding, white hazy cloud! Had some hot coffee and croissant at the restaurant and returned to St. Moritz.

Went up to St. Moritz Dorf – the town area – and had a wonderful lunch at Hauser Restaurant. Seems to be a very popular place among the locals, as we had to wait for over 10 mins to get seated. We had a nice window side table and it was a delight to see streams of snowflakes falling outside the glass while we enjoyed our hot Asparagus soup, Rosti Ortolana and Fish & Chips. Came out, walked through the streets enjoying the snowflakes falling like soft petals and did some window-shopping of the high-end boutiques. Without doubt, as several websites mention, St. Moritz is a playground for the glamorous and wealthy.

Picked up chicken meat, eggs and vegetables from the nearby Coop supermarket and walked around the lake watching the hectic preparations for the forthcoming white turf event to be held in the middle of the frozen lake! Back to station and took Postbus 4 to our apartment. We made full use of the nice kitchen at the apartment and made a chicken dish, salad and had dinner with a glass of wine watching the flickering lights over the Corvatsch peak and the Nira Alpina hotel below, from our dining room.

End of Day 2