SNOW STORIES… Part 4 (last)

Sunny side and a heritage ride.

This was our last day of our trip in the mountains. Checked out and kept our luggage at the reception area. The weather was sunny and bright. Took the Postbus 2 and got off at Punt Muragl station af15-20 mins. Took the funicular railway to reach Muottos Muragil view point (No discount for Swiss Pass here too) .

A board at the funicular station said that it has seen a century and six year transporting people to the top and back. Once at the top we walked up to the sprawling terrace giving access to the Romantic Hotel, a restaurant and of course the snow. A row of tiny, colourful huts placed strategically facing the sun welcomed us and others to soak themselves in bright sunshine and enjoy the surrounding peaks and the valleys.

We walked further up about 100-150 meteres to get to the monument named “The drop” – a unique work of art, made of natural stone and mortar and coated in white  created by artist/sculptor Timo Lindner to mark the centenary of  the Muottas Muragl funicular railway . A tiny formation board at the spot said the The Drop, symbolises water in all its various forms, from rain to ice to snow. We watched a para-glider (probably a beginner) attempting to paraglide and failing at least three times as his legs got sunk into the deep snow when he attempted to fly.

Enjoyed some freshly backed croissants and hot coffee at the terrace tables and came back to Silvaplana , collected our luggage and boarded the 2.57 pm train to Zurich, changing train this time at Landquart. Arrived Zurich around 6 pm and check in to Aparthotel Scroll Rigiblick sitting on a small hill giving a birds eye view of Zurich. (Posted my review separately)


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