The Journey to magical Narnia land!

Day 4

Another clear and sunny day. And this was one of the highlights of our short vacation in the snow country!

Took the Postbus 2 to Pontresina town, got off at the train station and walked 100 metres to the left to the parking lot where few horse-drawn carriages were waiting for passengers to take them to the…….Narnia land!


It may not be exactly as the horse-drawn sleigh rides we read in fairy-tale books yet it is close to them. The horses are huge, strong and furry – best fit for the harsh winter. The coachman was also equally rugged having seen several winters. The owner has generously thrown in a number of furs and blankets to wrap around protecting us from the wind and the cold as we started driving deep into the Alpine woods for about 8 kilometres to the lonely jungle lodge Roseg Gletscher. A well trained dog ran ahead egging and provoking the horses. I was lucky to get the seat right next to the coachman! The next one hour was an exhilarating, awe-inspiring journey through deep snow, gazing over the horses’ backs while the the snow-clad Alpine tree branches almost rubbing our shoulders. We passed by ice-blue frozen little rivulets, classic tiny bridges, the nearby glaciers and snow-capped peaks of the impressive Bernina massif glistening in divine blue and white, and drifting snow flakes from occasional wind – the journey was an incredible experience straight out of Narnia!

When we reached the Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher sitting in the heart of the picturesque Roseg Valley, we were overwhelmed by the impressive panorama of the imposing peaks all around. We just relaxed soaking up the beauty of nature and peace around and the frozen Roseg creek by the hotel. The quietness and remoteness of the place makes you forget the hustle and bustle of your daily life immediately and actually you can feel your soul!

Off we went into the restaurant to warm up ourselves from the hour-long cold journey. The restaurant was quite busy and there was a nice buffet spread. We settled for Asparagus soup and pasta. The dessert buffet was totally irresistible with a variety of cakes and tarts. There was also a good choice of wines but on a general survey I could see the prices were almost double of what you get in town but who cares when you have such dramatic setting to enjoy the drink!

Another hour of ride back to town and we stopped by the wine store Valentin Vinothek next to the horse station – well stacked with a wide variety and bought one recommended by the salesman who seemed to a wine expert.

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