Three days in Athens- Day2

Day 2:

Visited the Acropolis Museum – a very modern building – housing some of the precious artefacts and remains of the classical Athens. The major exhibits at the ground level are not allowed for photography. Pity to see most large exhibits, i.e statues, figurines etc are only in parts and pieces mounted for visitors to visualise. However, many smaller exhibits inside the glass shelves such as ceramics/terracotta treasures were intact.


TA members recommended the restaurant at the museum but since it was a bit too early for lunch we ordered Baklawa topped with ice cream and some coffee. Both were amazing quality!! Highly recommended, though the service is a bit slow. Took the metro to reach Monastiraki and walked up to Ancient Agora.

Mostly in ruins except the reconstructed museum at one end and the Temple of Hephaestus at the other end, the Agora leaves much to our imagination of how bustling and thriving the place should have been once upon a time. The museum itself is interesting with its artifacts.  Spent about 2 hours in the area and then walked across the street; this time to Psirri.

With the help of GPS on our mobile, we found Taverna Tou highly recommended by TA members. Tucked inside a lane the Taverna is typically Greek, not very spacious. We ordered some local red wine that was served in copper mug, grilled pork with mashed potatoes, grilled chicken with fresh potato fries with local flavour, Baked vegetables, fava beans and spinach in thick sauce…. The quality of the food was simply amazing… every dish was well worth the money. Highly recommended.

Came out and saw some local cafes already decked up in elaborate Christmas décor and then stumbled across a few antique/flea stores.  Spent an hour rumbling though and bought a few interesting stuff.

Walked further to Hadrian’s Library and wandered inside the grounds. Walked back to Ermou street and spent rest of the day getting in and out of the several boutiques and fashion shops.  Took the metro from Monstiraki and reached our apartment.

Three days in Athens-A heady mix of ancient and modern

Day 1

We had a great 4 nights 3 days stay at Athens and our experience was mixed; on one side you have the classical Athens, once the cradle of western civilisation and birthplace of democracy with impressive architecture, most of which are in ruins leaving it all to our imagination and on the other side the modern Athens – a  sprawling mega city teaming with people everywhere and nightmare traffic in narrow roads.

Day 1. Reached Acropolis entrance around 10 am. Not many visitors and the weather was pleasant. First stop was Theater of Dionysus and then walked up via the Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre (much better preserved than Theater of Dionysus and reached the grand edifice The Parthenon grounds. The area around main Parthenon Temple is cordoned off due to renovation work so we had to just go around the temple amid ruins and renovation debris. You can also see the Lycabettus hill and the modern Athens city jungle from the Acropolis.  Spent little more than an hour and walked down to Roman Agora through winding lanes.


Theater of Dionysus




Passed the Athens University Museum and stopped at a cute little café Klepsydra(?) for some Baklawa and coffee. Reached Roman Agora and were put off by the aggressive hawkers (looked like Africans?) at the gate trying to sell some color threads. The Roman Agora was a disappointment as there was practically nothing except a few pillars.

TRG_7504aMoved on to Adrianou Street to reach Ancient Agora. We were hungry by now, partly due to the mixed aroma of food from the restaurants lining up the street.  Had a quick lunch at a corner restaurant with a local beer Mythos. Just realized that it was past 3 pm and the Ancient Agora was closed for the day.

Walked in to the by lanes visiting the several colourful shops selling souvenirs, knickknacks, clothes etc.  Bought ice cream at the Hans &Gretel themed confectionery shop and walked further to realize we were already into the thick of Monstiraki Flea Market! The market was teaming with people locals as wells tourists. Spent a couple of hours in the area and then took the metro from the Monastiraki Station and reached our accommodation close to Acropolis Museum station.




Hans and Gretel!!!