Five days in the lap of Lapland- Part 4

A fast and furious  Husky ride and lunch  at  Ice restaurant!

Our last day in Rovaniemi! Packed our bags and kept them at the train station’s lockers (Charges: Euro 2  for small bags and 3 for big for 24 hours) as our train back to Helsinki was in the evening. Took the Santa Express from the station itself to reach the Santa Claus village again, as we had already booked our table at the Snow world Ice Restaurant for lunch!

The entire restaurant and the Laplandia Ice Bar – a huge dome completely made of Ice with a long ice bar and ice sculptures with Game of Thrones theme!! Agree its a bit touristy but its something you don’t get to see or experience in our part of the world.


At 44 Euros you are given a soup/Rye bread and a dessert (the food quality is average) and 4 Euros for a shot of Laplandia Vodka in an ice tumbler of size of a shot glass at the Ice bar, which are not value-for-money but you pay for the set up and the new experience. We enjoyed our time inside the vast freezer!!


Our next stop was Husky ride- we booked the deep forest ride. The 16-member Siberian huskies pulled the sled with ease and ran really fast into the snow covered wilderness through the birch woods.


The 20 minutes of ride was fabulous! – driving through the cold wind, snowflakes and eerie silence of the vast snowscape only to be disturbed by the panting sounds of the huskies and the occasional command to the dogs by the Sami guide ( a young girl) at the back of the sled. Spent some time at the end of the journey talking to the girl and posing for pictures with the Huskies.

IMG_1514a.jpgWent back to the café and had some nice cakes and hot coffee and returned to the town.  Did some last minute shopping at the Revontuli Mall and returned to the station to catch our train back to Helsinki.

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